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Be a Compliance Program Assessor!

by | Nov 22, 2022

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Compliance Program Assessors Course | 2022


WHEN: December 8 | 9:00 AM-4:00 PM ET


Compliance program assessment is an essential part of compliance programs as documented in the standards issued by the US Department of Justice and the DHHS Office of Inspector General. The Health Ethics Trust has assessed hundreds of compliance programs over the last 26 years and has offered the Compliance Program Assessors Course throughout this period.

This one day course is being offered virtually.


Attendees not only gain practical experience assessing the elements of a compliance program; they also learn how to bench mark and score programs. Benchmarking is the key to the credibility of program assessments with executive management and boards of directors. All attendees receive detailed guidelines for assessing all elements of a compliance program.


Those who successfully complete the Assessors Course are also qualified to participate in the Trust’s Compliance Program Certification process as peer reviewers. (See opposite column.) This is the only compliance program certification process in healthcare and it is entirely peer driven. Peer reviewers report that this is an invaluable experience that assists them in strengthening their own compliance programs.


This one day intensive course is next offered on December 8. Because of the interactive nature of the course, enrollment is quite limited. There is information and registration for this course at

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Compliance Program Certification: The Mark of Compliance Program Excellence


Have you ever wondered why healthcare, a field driven by certifications/accreditations, does not have a certification/accreditation for compliance programs? We at the Health Ethics Trust pondered this question 15 years ago. Organizations with outstanding compliance programs need a mark signifying this to their stakeholders. Mindful of this, in 2008 we launched Compliance Program Certification.


Compliance Program Certification is a peer review process following objective standards. These standards were developed by a panel of nearly 100 compliance officers and are published in Best Practice Standards for Compliance Programs.


The reviewers who conduct Certification reviews are compliance officers who have completed a special course on assessing compliance programs. (See opposite column.) The process is similar to that used for the Baldrige National Quality Awards.


Organizations that have experienced the Certification process find it more useful than a regular compliance program assessment. The recommendations offered by the reviewers are more practical than those of consultants.


Leadership recognizes the importance of reputation management and may not have considered the compliance program as a source of organizational pride. Certification is a good way to show leadership a return on its investment in compliance.


If your compliance program merits recognition, consider Compliance Program Certification. Learn more about Compliance Program Certification at


If you would like more information on Compliance Program Certification, contact us at 703-509-3734 or by email at

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