Compliance Program Certification (CPC)

Healthcare Compliance Program Certification – CPC


Over the past decade HET has assessed the compliance programs of hundreds of healthcare entities including hospitals, health systems, health plans, CMS contractors and life science companies. These assessments are built upon recognized, published standards and best practices identified at the Healthcare Best Compliance Practices Forum. The Forum has gathered information on best compliance practices since 1995.

HET President Mark Pastin stated that , “Despite these efforts, we continue to see a wide variety of methodologies employed in the name of healthcare compliance program assessment. An assessment performed by one organization may be completely different than an assessment performed by another organization. A number of the organizations conducting these assessments also seem to be conflicted. Their assessments show that your compliance program just happens to need more of what they provide. The cost of healthcare compliance program assessments can also be prohibitive.”

To address these concerns, HET established Healthcare Compliance Program Certification as a peer review process conducted according to published standards. Peer reviewers are working compliance professionals who have been trained as reviewers through the HET’s Compliance Program Assessors Course. The standards employed are published in the annually updated Best Practice Standards for Compliance Programs. The entire Compliance Program Certification process is overseen by the most distinguished group in healthcare compliance, the Fellows of the Health Ethics Trust.

All organizations who successfully complete the Compliance Program Certification process are entitled to display the HET Certification Mark (pictured above).

HET is committed to making Healthcare Compliance Program Certification a publicly accessible process through periodic revision, public comment and update of the standards employed. The goal is to make Compliance Program Certification as recognized as a mark of compliance quality as other recognized certifications/accreditations in other areas of quality such as JCAHO, CARF, NCQA, URAC and the Baldrige National Quality Award.

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You can also find more detailed information about the Compliance Program Certification process in the Fact Sheet attached below.

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The Compliance Program Assessors Course (CPC) is held once a year.


When I first attended the Health Ethics Trust’s Program Assessor’s Course, I did so with the intention of using the information to assess my own compliance program internally. After attending the course, I not only was able to review my own organization’s compliance program with additional perspective, but I became a reviewer for the Trust. I have had the opportunity to visit various types of organizations to review their programs, and each time, I gain valuable insight into the operations of other programs.  I also get the opportunity to work with amazing compliance professionals from around the country. There is nothing more valuable to bring to a program than the expertise and experience of working compliance professionals. Compliance programs are not “one size, fits all” and no one understands that better than peers in the industry. Because of these reasons, I highly recommend using the Health Ethics Trust’s peer driven approach to externally assess your compliance program.

The Health Ethics Trust’s Healthcare Compliance Program Certification process is very innovative.  It’s peer driven approach feeds off of the diverse experience of the review panels assembled.  As a Compliance Officer, I have been on both sides of the table and I find the process to be consistent and objective.  Utilizing this process enables the panel  to drill down and understand the organization’s ethical culture to make practical recommendations that support an effective compliance program.

Choosing the Right Certification is Important.

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