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Reminder: AI & Compliance / Survey Measures

by | Jun 19, 2024

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AI, Healthcare, Compliance

COMPLIANCE REGULATORY COMPLIANCE Business metaphor and technolog

WHEN: July 9: 1 – 5 PM ET



AI and large language models are transforming healthcare and compliance. Healthcare compliance professionals need to have a thorough understanding of AI and how AI is and will change healthcare compliance.


This intensive, short course will explain in simple, direct terms how AI works, how it it and will influence healthcare, and how compliance professionals will be impacted by these changes.

Presenters include Andrew Grosso, a nationally leading legal, computer science and AI expert on how AI works, Chris Skinner, Covenant Health, on the role of AI in clinical contexts, Eric Felten, a Wall Street Journal columnist and investigative reporter on key themes, Jay Wolfson, Associate Dean at the University of South Florida on regulation and policy, and Mark Pastin, Ph.D., President of the Health Ethics Trust on compliance applications.

Enrollment for this course is very limited due to the intensive nature of this course.


The course offers 8 CEUs toward the Trust’s Certified Compliance Professional (CCP) and Certified Compliance Executive (CCE) top level credentials.


If you can’t pay full tuition, the Trust has offered scholarships for 26 years. Call 703-509-3734 for support.


Enroll now at AI, Healthcare and Compliance.

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The Only Compliance Survey that Matters

WHEN: August 7 – 9


The top questions in the minds of your executive leadership and board are:

  1. Is our compliance program as good as we think it is? How would we know?
  2. Are we spending too much on compliance – or too little?
  3. How do we compare to other organizations with respect to our compliance effort?
  4. If the government looks at our program, will it be judged effective?

If you can not answer these questions, support for the compliance program will be limited. Executives don’t spend on things that can not be measured. Self-assessments are suspect as self-interested. External assessment are, in the end, someone’s opinion – usually someone selling compliance services.

Is there a tool that is accurate, reliable and supportive of bench marking? The Ethics-Compliance Survey provides the only empirically proven, reliable measure of compliance program effectiveness. It has been used since the middle 1980s, validated in many peer reviewed publications, and has a huge database of healthcare organizations.

Ever wonder if physicians buy into the program, how much employees fear retaliation. how likely your employees are to become external whistle blowers, how you are doing compared to peer organizations, or whether your program is getting better or worse. No need to guess. The Ethics-Compliance Survey was developed and is constantly updated by top data scientists, tested for years and relied upon for two decades.

Because survey administration is nothing new to us, it is only a fraction of the cost of the amateur efforts currently on the market, Get the Fact Sheet at Survey Facts, email or call 703-683-7916 for information.

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