The Health Ethics Trust is pleased to continue its series of free briefings on compliance issues related to the COVID-19 crisis. We thought it useful to set out some of the recent guidance provided by OIG, CMS, OCR, and the CDC, among others, to assist you in navigating the laws, rules and regulations with which your organization must comply. We are grouping the guidance by the type of organization to which it applies (hospitals, home health, health plan, etc.), although some of the guidance applies across organization types. These guidance documents are not meant to cover every issue or all guidance involving a particular organization type, but may serve as a helpful starting point for the compliance issues related to COVID-19. These guidance documents are prepared with the support of Lynn Barrett, Esq., CHC, CCP an attorney and former CCO who speaks at many Trust programs and is active in Compliance Resource Group, Inc. This guidance applies to long-term care which has been hard hit by COVID 19 and is subject to major regulatory changes. Read the long-term care guidance at Even if you are not a long-term care facility, this guidance will help with any long-term care operations you may have. Feel free to ask us questions at 703-509-3734 or