Attendees Instructions for Health Ethics Trust Zoom Events

You will receive an invitation email (with a calendar event) with a link to the Zoom event. Please confirm that you will be attending the event ASAP.

Please join the event approximately 5 minutes before it starts

Accessing a Zoom Event

A Zoom event (meeting) can be accessed via a number of methods:

  • Using a web browser (registration or login may not be necesary)
  • Using the Zoom client in MS-Windows or OSX (you will need a Zoom account)
  • Using a mobile phone using the Zoom Phone apps (Android and Apple)
  • By phoning in via a normal phone line (landline or mobile). There is no video access.

Depending on the requirements set by the event host, registration may not be necessary for your event.

Clicking on the link provided in the invitation email should be enough to start your browser and take you to the Zoom start webpage.

If you have the Zoom client installed in your OS, then the link may start that instead. Login using your Zoom username and password as required.



On joining the event:

  • Use the name that the event host knows you by. If you change your name or use another, the host may block and remove you from the event.
  • You will be placed into the waiting room until the host admits you access to the event. This is a security procedure.
  • Start your webcam and unmute your microphone if you have access to either. Say hello!
  • Open the chat screen (chat button on the bottom black bar) and introduce yourself to everyone.

The event host will explain what the etiquette will be for the event. Each presenter will explain what the etiquette will be for their presentation.

  • Please mute your microphone during presentations unless the presenter has indicated that free-flowing questions are permitted
  • There is a hand raising/lowering (up/down) icon available in the Participants screen if you want to ask a question.
Hand Up and other controls in events

The attendees control options are along the bottom of the screen:

  • To mute and unmute your microphone, click on the micorphone icon on the left hand side.
  • To start and stop your video, click on the webcam icon next to th emicrophone icon.
  • To show the Participants screen/panel on the right hand side, click on the Participants icon.
  • To show the chat screen/panel on the right hand side, click on the Chat icon.


To raise and lower your hand for attention, use the icons within the Participants screen on the right hand side:


Video SNAFU's

It may be possible under correct (or incorrect) lighting conditions to see the reflection of your PC screen in your glasses (bold shapes and colours) and hence other attendees may be able to see what you are watching on your screen!

If you would not watch it at work; do not watch it during an online event.

Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms are sessions that are split off from the main Zoom event. They allow the attendees to meet in smaller groups. Breakout rooms can be used for collaboration and discussion of the event or presentation.

You will be added to a breakout room automatically when required, but you can leave and return to the main event whenever you wish.


General Instructions for Health Ethics Trust Zoom Events

Health Ethics trust has General Instructions for Zoom Events.